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#TipTuesday – Certified Approval, part 4. Earnest Money Guaranteed!

Unlike most lenders, when someone is pre-approved with me, their earnest money is guaranteed. In 16 years, I have never had anyone lose their earnest money, thanks to the systems we have in place. If you have any questions about how we do this, please give me a call!

#TipTuesday – Certified Approval, part 3, We Will Always Wire The Funds The Day Before Closing
Unlike most lenders, we always wire the funds the day before the closing. This prevents you from having to wait at the closing table for hours, waiting on the lender's wire, and let's you get going so you can move!

#TipTuesday – Certified Approval, part 2, Loan Termination Deadline Guarantee

#TipTuesday – Certified Approval, part 1, Guaranteed Closing Costs
Our Certified Pre-Approval protects our buyers from the #1 complaint that buyer have when obtaining a mortgage - unlike a lot of lenders, our closing costs and fees will not exceed what we quoted upfront. If they do, we would reimburse the difference+ $500. Call me to learn more!

#TipTuesday – Tax Returns vs Tax Transcripts

It's almost tax time, if you are self-employed and thinking of buying a home, here are some important timing tips:

Big CHFA Changes Coming in April

Big CHFA changes coming in April, here is a video discussing them, let me know if you have any questions.