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#TipTuesday – What The Heck Does OTUBNS Mean?
What does OTUBNS stand for? Why did we trademark it? Watch this video to find out!

#TipTuesday- Thinking Of Buying a New Construction Home?
If so, please watch this video to see why sometimes, using the builder's lender can be a very expensive decision, despite any incentives they are offering!

#TipTuesday – Tips to maintain a good credit score

If you are thinking of applying for a mortgage, car loan or even a new credit card, having the highest credit score possible is super important to make sure you can obtain the lowest rates on the new loan/account. Here are some tips on how to do that

#TipTuesday – Buying a new home, and keeping the current one as a rental
Buying a move-up home, and keeping the current home as a rental is easier now, than it has been in years. Here are some tips and things to think about when making your plan. Call me with any questions!

#TipTuesday – Buying A Home For An Elderly Parent

n the high cost Denver market, we are helping more and more buyers who are looking to buy a home for an elderly parent, who cannot afford to buy on their own. Unlike most lenders, we will not treat this as a rental property, so that means lower rates and lower down payment options.SHOW MORE

When Is The Best Time To Lock In Your Rate?