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#TipTuesday – Certified Approval, part 1, Guaranteed Closing Costs

Our Certified Pre-Approval protects our buyers from the #1 complaint that buyer have when obtaining a mortgage – unlike a lot of lenders, our closing costs and fees will not exceed what we quoted upfront. If they do, we would reimburse the difference+ $500. Call me to learn more!

#TipTuesday – Tax Returns vs Tax Transcripts

It’s almost tax time, if you are self-employed and thinking of buying a home, here are some important timing tips:

Big CHFA Changes Coming in April

Big CHFA changes coming in April, here is a video discussing them, let me know if you have any questions. 

#TipTuesday – How Much Down Payment Do You Need?

#TipTuesday – What is a Recast on a Mortgage?

Our Zenith Certified Buyer Guarantee